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Noir You Should See Onscreen:

Sin City (2005) Frank Miller's comic books make for great noir homage onscreen. It's over the top, but worth every penny. I had to go see it again because the cinematography is so gorgeous.











Upcoming Film Noir on TV:

Beware, My Lovely (1952) A woman discovers that her handyman is an escaped mental patient. I haven't see this one so I can comment, but Ida Lupino is usually pretty great. You'll have to TiVO this one or wake up really early: Turner Classic Movies, Tuesday, May 24, 6AM EDT.







The Big Sleep (1946) Still one of my favorite noirs, and definitely one of the coolest films ever made. Pictured is Martha Vickers, who, claimed author Raymond Chandler, so outshone her on-screen big sister Lauren Bacall in her performance that much of it ended on the cutting room floor. The good people of Turner Classic Movies are showing it twice in June, on Saturday the 11th at 8PM, and again on Sunday the 12th at 10PM. If you miss it, buy it! This film is so hot, it's smoking!









The sounds of despair.

Crime SceneCrime Jazz IIMurder is My Beat Touch of Evil Soundtrack by Henry Mancini


What exactly is "film noir"?

Widmark in Let Richard Widmark explain...(396k .wav file -- yes, that is V ictor Mature in the background.) Right click to save, then open with your favorite app.





Check out Mike Keaney's Film Noir Home Page Here






A great site with tons of links, info, stuff to buy, etc. It's classicnoir.com!





Peter Lorre in Fritz Lang's classic "M" Explore the German influence on American film noir at Hyde Flippo's German-Hollywood Noir Site.




Could there really be a connection between tenpin and the tawdry? A link from lanes to lust? Pins to pulp? Pay a visit to William Preston Robertson's Incredible World of Bowling Noir and see what's lurking down a different sort of alley.

Cheapo B movie or film noir?

You've been patiently waiting for this and it's still not finished, but check out the big news at the end of the strip! Is it a cheapo black'n'white B movie or is it a...FILM NOIR?

(Pat Moriarty totally blew me off, incidentally.)


Austrian multimedia artist mokka presents:

Look for Sam Soape. There are 4 episodes.

The Film Noir Bookstore in Association with Amazon.com
For some reason, this has become one of the most popular features at this site. A comprehensive film noir bibliography -- many available for sale.

Web Articles on Film Noir
A variety of written work about film noir found around the web.

Great Film Noir Actors
Various WWW salutes to some of the greatest film noir stars. There's a new tribute to Robert Mitchum. Email me to add your site!

Link to the full Film Noir list on the Internet Movie Database!

It's amazing. It's Michael Mills' award-winning web site for classic movies, The Palace Theater

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