Welcome to The Internet Business Pages!

This domain is for sale. Give me $75,000, and it is yours.

Don't like the price? Consider this: there are (at least) 137 million .com domains in existence today (that boggles my mind, but here's the data). And, if you count al the other TLDs, there were 360,000,000 domain names registered by 2019Q3.

Now, there are only 17,576 3-letter .com domains (47,952 if you count letters and numbers and maybe a dash in the middle). All of them were taken by 1997, and now the same applies for .net, .org, .info, .biz and many other TLDs as well.

So if you want an easy-to-remember, easy-to-type, rare 3-letter domain, it is going to cost you real money. Quit whining, quit trying to get me to "make a deal" because "I'm a good guy" or "I'm just starting out, can you help a fella out?" (why is it that it's only men that try these ploys?), and make me a real offer. I've owned it since I first registered it in 1995, I've used it since 1995 (just because there isn't currently a "real" website doesn't mean that it isn't being used), and I have little patience left for domain-name speculators looking to flip my domain so they can make money.

I'm happy to work with escrow, with intermediaries, and with brokers. But only serious ones.

Daniel V. Klein