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Latest Noir:

Deadline at Dawn (1946) A dance hall girl tries to help a sailor on leave out of a murder wrap. I really liked it. Many thanks to Michael Mills' Classic Movie Palace for the poster.












Upcoming Film Noir on TV:

As always, Turner Classic Movies shows "Darkness After Dawn" on Saturdays mornings at 10am, and the Mystery Channel has a noir every Monday night at 8pm.


Human Desire (1954) I haven't seen this one, but it has Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame and it was directed by Fritz Lang. It's on at 8:00PM on Monday, August 20th on the Mystery Channel.






What exactly is "film noir"?

Widmark in Let Richard Widmark explain...(396k .wav file -- yes, that is Victor Mature in the background.)





Could there really be a connection between tenpin and the tawdry? A link from lanes to lust? Pins to pulp? Pay a visit to William Preston Robertson's Incredible World of Bowling Noir and see what's lurking down a different sort of alley.

Cheapo B movie or film noir?

You've been patiently waiting for this and it's still not finished, but check out the big news at the end of the strip! Is it a cheapo black'n'white B movie or is it a...FILM NOIR?

The Film Noir Bookstore in Association with Amazon.com
For some reason, this has become one of the most popular features at this site. A comprehensive film noir bibliography -- many available for sale.

Web Articles on Film Noir
A variety of written work about film noir found around the web.

Great Film Noir Actors
Various WWW salutes to some of the greatest film noir stars. There's a new tribute to Robert Mitchum. Email me to add your site!

Crime Scene Crime Jazz I Crime Jazz II Murder is My Beat

Listening to this pulpy crime music makes you feel pretty bad.

It's a great source for sound clips and noir posters and such by Alexander Ives. Check it out.

Link to the full Film Noir list on the Internet Movie Database!

It's amazing. It's Michael Mills' award-winning web site for classic movies, The Palace Theater

For more on shady characters and tough dames, visit Bill Murray's HARD BOILED.


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