Web Articles on Film Noir
Victor Gischler's column Hardboiled Dixie examines noir in the Southland.

A Must See! The ejournal, Images, has a great section on film noir in their In Focus section. Ten film noir classics analyzed, complete with stunning images.

A truly exciting spot on the web, John Blaser's Masters thesis, "No Place For A Woman: The Family in Film Noir", is in multimedia form on the WWW. It's excellent!.

This is a link to Andrew Mangravite's article on Miklos Rozsa, entitled: He Made Film Noir Sing.

The University of California-Berkeley Web has a link to some more film noir articles.

Ann Savage interviews writer Roy Frumkes about film noir.

Clay Wiedemann's cool article on The Big Sleep, one of my all-time faves. (Link may be down, sorry.)


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